musicalGear Musical Gear

is a dream come true, like that of a little child in a candy shop staring at all the

delicious candy and gulping.  Ever since I can remember I loved playing my Guitar

for hours. I was very lucky that my sweet Mother Rose, God rest her soul, took me for guitar

lessons when I was a young boy, I owe it all to Mom. Music is my world. Music frees the soul.

Musicalgear is for everyone who loves music, for anyone that wants to learn to play an

instrument, or anyone that wants to buy a brand new “shiny” instrument.

Check out our blog you can read articles about the latest news in the music industry.

And, If we don’t have the item listed that you are looking for, we will get it for you. Email us!

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We enjoy taking good care of your long term

musical preferences whether it’s your career or a hobby for you.

Either way we have all your musical gear here!